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What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

As a business owner you have probably heard the words ‘brand’ or ‘logo’ being used. I would love to share with you a quick description of both from a designers point of view, so that you can easily understand what each can mean for your business.


A logo is a visual symbol or stylised name that is used to reflect your company or business. It is the main graphic element that your audience will identify with and will be used on your website, products, collateral, uniforms, signage and marketing. It should be uniquely designed to reflect your company vision and values.

A brand designer should do some form of strategy to understand this about your business. I recommend having a primary logo and at least 1 additional secondary logo to use in situations that your primary logo can not be used. Your logo is ONE element of your whole overarching brand and allows people to quickly identify with you.


A brand encompasses not only your visual identity, but your company values, vision and purpose, making valuable connections with your audience.

Your brand includes:

  • Visual brand identity. A basic visual brand identity includes a primary logo, secondary logos, brand marks, tagline mark, typography and a colour palette which has been selected to make emotional connections with your audience.

  • Positioning statement

  • Tone

  • Visual aesthetic of your products and website through to your marketing avenues.

  • In-store experience you would like your customer to have

  • Price points targeted at your ideal audience.

Your brand is the complete identity and personality of your business, both visually and emotionally. The logo is one part of this visual brand identity, all work together to create absolute magic!

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