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Tips to successfully launch your new business branding.

Launching your new business or rebrand can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re so excited to show everyone what you have been working so hard on. So to help you save time I have put together a few helpful tips to help get the most out of your launch. These tips may also be helpful for launching new products or special events. Depending on your target audience and your business I hope a few of the below will resonate with you and aid you on your business journey.

In simple terms there are two main types of launches, a soft launch or a big launch. Depending on your business or event, one may work better than the other.

Soft Launch:

A Soft launch gives you the opportunity to both create some interest and to learn from it without laying it all on the line. This approach helps you trial the way that you initialise your customer relationships, allowing you to refine the process for future marketing. It is a great way on a small scale to gain feedback on your products or service, giving valuable insight into your customers needs.

One important question to ask yourself is where are your target audience? Are they on social media? Reading their favourite magazine? Do they hang out at your local coffee shop or do they belong to community/business groups on Facebook? Depending on where your target audience gathers, here are a few ways that you can promote your business through a soft launch:

  • Writing your own blog or being featured in blogs that your target audience are reading.

  • Join your local BNI group, its a great way to meet likeminded business owners who can help your business grow.

  • Capturing emails through your website and creating an email marketing strategy.

  • Social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Pinterest.

  • An old fashioned mail drop in your local area. It’s a nice way to catch some rays and fresh air.

  • Collecting feedback on your service or products through Google Business and Facebook.

Big Launch:

For a big launch you will want to build hype and buzz around your business, products or services for a least a couple of weeks before your release date, ( I know how hard this can be especially when you are so excited). Below are a few ideas but you can also include the above help with your marketing strategy.

  • Creating a countdown strategy on social media networks, this will build hype with your audience and create excitement about the release day.

  • Create a landing page and capture emails before the launch date, make sure to utilise this by keeping them up to date on your upcoming launch. This is a great place to promote special offers or information on your products or service.

  • Preorder specials or bonus gifts.

  • Create a referral campaign, 10 referrals = 20% off. This is a great way to grow your audience.

If this all seems a bit daunting, Organic lines would love to help, so feel free to send through an email to or schedule a call here.

PS: I would love to hear in the comments if you find this helpful.

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