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How to know when it’s time to rebrand.

Many new factors regarding your brand identity come to light, especially in the early years of your budding business. Let’s face it, the learning curve is steep, it seems overwhelming and you're flooded with information from every angle. After that initial startup period things seem to settle, however…, these following issues may now be apparent.

  • Your perceived target audience may have changed.

  • You have developed new aspirations for your business.

  • Your current logo/branding may not be working well across all social platforms or could be lacking online presence.

  • You set up your business on a budget and are now feeling left in the dust by your competition, now losing confidence in your brands appeal.                                                                                                                                  

The last point is extremely common and should be addressed as soon as possible to maintain any forward momentum that you may have created. This is common when a company has fallen into the trap of using something like a logo generator, which leaves you with a design that is similar to many others in your market.

Some other reasons to rebrand could also be…

  • You are merging with an existing company! Congratulations, a great reason to create an exciting new brand!

  • You may have purchased an existing company, but their branding is the original 90s feel.

  • Something may have happened that has dented your brands reputation. 

  • Your brand was designed many years ago and the colour palette and fonts are no longer relevant. 

  • Your brand is not in line with your company culture. 

  • Your business has the opportunity to expand or target a new audience.


If the answer is yes, then its time to seriously think about rebranding your business. Keep this in mind, your brand should reflect your desired placement in the market, for example, if you want to compete with Audi then there is no use looking like Mazda. (sorry Mazda). 

Identifying your target audience is a must, so that your branding can be tailored to appeal to that specific demographic, meaning less wasted energy and advertising. Your brand must also evolve just as your business does, and even if a logo remains the same, the way in which it is displayed can be updated to keep it fresh.

Be sure to portray what makes your product or service unique. 

Below is a case study of Milly’s Magic rebrand, who sort advice just two years after starting her business, it has now been one year since her rebrand.


How I helped a product based business profit grow over 100% in one year.

After discussing with Rebecca her current situation we found the below to be her key requirements:

  1. Convey a professional brand

  2. Higher quality and more efficient labelling

  3. Grow online presence 

  4. Start reaching out to retailers to expand her business

Our area of focus for Rebecca were:

  1. Logo design

  2. Creating a strong brand identity

  3. Product label design

  4. Print management for quality and consistency

  5. Continued brand guidance

The outcome after 1 year:

  1. Over 100% profit growth 

  2. Increasing retail stockist sales

  3. Significantly less labour requirement

  4. Large scale retail interest

A few words from Rebecca,

"When I started my business I never anticipated it to grow like it has. My labels were home made (on Microsoft word with google images) and were individually printed and cut by myself. This became a very tedious and time consuming process. I wanted to reach out to shops and start expanding further but felt my labels lacked professionalism. So I began chatting to Leticia about what she could do to help me out.. and there was no looking back from there!” "I look at my labels and feel so proud at how professional they now look. Every time I make new product and sit down to label my stock I smile, just thinking about all the effort involved in the budget labels I use to use! My customers love the new look and have continuously commented on how nice they look!" "Since my rebrand last November and launching my website in January, sales have been increasing steadily, at least 100%, some months have been more! My customers love the new look and have continuously commented on how nice they look!”

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

email: or phone: 027 333 9040

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