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Creating brands
that make connections

Organic Lines Design Studio

Modern Hair Salon logo design for Soul Sista in a brown embossed font with letter S icon on card on polished stone background.
Daniel Hislop and Leticia Masseurs, Male and Female Designers working together, illustrator on beanbag using iPad working with creative director.
Animated logo of blooming lotus flower in circle on tan background for The Nourishing Fourth.
Leticia Masseurs of Organic Lines Design Studio, Woman designer Illustrator seated in studio with sketch book and pen using PMS pantone colour guide book.

"I feel so proud of my new branding! I feel proud of my website makeover and not embarrassed. I feel like it has given me a boost of confidence and ownership over my messaging and my business more so by having this unique identity. I have had lots of lovely comments on the mint green!"

Fitness woman, fitness coach Olivia Park working out

Olivia Park ~ Online health and performance fitness coach.

Seoul, Korea

Baby sitting on bed sheets with pack of Purely Baby Aqua+ Water Wipes and striped beige change mat.

Proud to work with

Female GP, Prologic Advanced Skincare Technology, Purely Baby, ThinkWise Safe Skincare Solutions, Bees Brilliance, Mortgage Link, Little Mango, Mammoth Print Signs Media Solutions
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