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When The Cats
Away Cattery

Custom Website Design


After taking over this existing business Jo and Gareth required a new website that aligned with their values and reflected the direction they saw their business heading. 


Jo and Gareth required a website that felt clean and organic, with a natural colour palette to compliment the beautiful surroundings of the cattery. It was important that the viewer felt immediately at ease on the website, we created this by making the site clear and readable, hi lighting Jo and Gareth’s strong values and by using beautiful photography of the actual Cattery rather than run of the mill stock images.

Custom Website Design _ When the cats away cattery.jpg

The existing booking systems were outdated and required double handling, causing confusion for both owner and customer. With this in mind we re-designed the structure to make this experience clear and easy so that clients could sign up in a flash and then use an easy portal for any later bookings. Their new website also included new content copywriting which gave detailed description of all the great qualities of both the cattery and all about Jo and Gareth. Having fine tuned copy helps the customer get a great feel for the Cattery, and also helps optimise the sites SEO. 


An important point for Gareth was to have the ongoing ability to update photographs and copy himself. Upon completion we had a tutorial so they could feel confident in looking after the website themselves with ease knowing that we are just a phone call away if they ever got stuck. 

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